At Overall Aircraft Services we can restore your plane no matter what condition it may be in whether completely disassembled or partially started. We can do basic or an award winning airplane restoration.
Overall Aircraft Services does fabric, wood, and metal work and almost all of the work can be done in our own facilities. If you would like to have a part rebuilt, we can do that too. Feel free to check out some of our current and completed projects. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and we will be glad to answer all of your questions.
Current Projects
PA-12 Super Cruise
This is a Super Cruiser that we are doing a ground up restoration on.

Completed Projects

Stinson Model O
A replica Stinson Model O build from scratch and a few photographs. Multiple award winner.
PA-18 Super Cub
This is a supercub that we are basically doing a ground up rebuild on which is going to include many modifications.
PT-13b Stearman
This was a ground up restoration. This plane has gone on to win awards at McMinnville and Arlington.
J-3 Cub
This came to us in parts for us to cover and restore from the ground up.
Travel Air 4000
This came to us disassembled for a full restoration. This plane won GRAND Champion at Arlington.
N2S-3 Stearman
This plane was restored from the bare frame up including all new wings and center section.
Curtis Wright
We fabricated a new engine cowling and did a owner assisted restoration. This is one of two Curtis Wrights left flying in the world.
J-3 Cub
The Cub came in disassembled and incomplete. This was a complete rebuild, with some modifications.
Fairchild 24
This Fairchild came to us disassembled for us to cover and put back together. This plane won GRAND Champion at Arlington.
M5-235 Maule
This plane was brought in to have the fuselage recovered using the Air-Tech system.
M5-235 Maule
This was another Maule that was brought in to have the fuselage recovered using the Air-Tech system, and to have additional modifications installed.
Complete Set of UPF-7 Waco Wings
Using recycled hardware to build a new set of wings including center section
Howard DGA Tail Section
The owner of this plane wanted us remove the old fabric, recover, and paint the tail section.
Fleet 2 Upper Wing
We rebuilt this upper wing to a Fleet. It is a one piece 28ft wing, that came to us in 3 sections.
PT-13 Stearman
The owner brought us the aircraft in parts for painting.
Lower Right UPF-7 Waco Wing
Replacement wing for a Waco that ground-looped in Reno.
DC-3 Ailerons
These came to us to be recovered off a DC-3 restoration.

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